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Naming convention used

Here we will explain a simple and good naming convention to use. This is also the naming convention that we use. This can be applied to anything.

Note: Simple & Logical.

Think Big to small

eg. World, Continent, Country, State/Province, City, Suburb, Street, Street #

eg. Human, South Africans, Capetonians

So let's say you need to reference a port on a patch panel is a data centre.


  • SC = Location Name (town, building, country)
  • DC02 = Data Centre #02
  • RK4 = Rack #4
  • PP3 = Patch Panel #3
  • P14 = Port #14

A wallbox could be…


  • RK1 = Rack #1
  • PP2 = Patch Panel #2
  • DP17 = Data Point #17

Use common names and the actual name of something… eg. Data Centre, RacK, Data Point, Wash Room

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