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Terms of Subcontractor Service


SupportCALL (PTY) LTD. hereafter SupportCALL

Read entire page please…

By using this site (and/or the SupportCALL Ticket System) or accessing it you agree to the terms on this page and also that sent by SupportCALL directly to its subcontractors.


  • It is and will remain your and the company you represents responsibility to check this page so to stay abreast of any changes relating to the use of this site or service terms.
  • By signing in to this site you do so as a representative of your company or the company you work for.
  • All Tickets and work will be attended to as soon as possible with extra notice of the user set Priority level.
  • Contact must be made with the end-user within 24hrs to get any extra information and arrange time and date to attend onsite.
  • The above appointment date and time needs to be noted in the Ticket System.
  • All communication must be done via the Ticket System
  • All tickets MUST be updated fully and as outlined at the first possible opportunity within 24hrs and no-longer than 48hrs after completion.
  • All communication in the Ticket System must be done in the [ Post Internal Note ] tab of the ticket.
  • If physical work ( cabling, moving hardware etc ) is needed then there must always be before and after photos.
  • If physical work ( cabling, moving hardware etc ) is needed, that needs prior quoting/estimates will be submitted to SupportCALL prior to doing the work.
  • en there must always be before and after photos.
  • These photos must be attached to the [ Post Internal Note ] on the ticket.
  • Set the correct [ Ticket Status ], [ Time Spent ] and [ Time Type ]
  • Set if the [ Time Spent ] was billable or not.
  • Work will be done at the agreed rate. ( if unsure please contact and confirm rate )
  • SupportCALL clients will remain SupportCALL clients and no work is allowed that bypass or exclude SupportCALL.
  • All communication and correspondence must be with SupportCALL directly unless instructed to communicate directly with the client or any other person.
  • Tickets must be updated at the first opportunity to allow SupportCALL to report back the client.
  • All invoicing needs to be submitted as soon as possible and correct to enable SupportCALL to invoice the clients and so to effect payment on an invoice.
  • You, or anyone you work for or the company you work for or own may under no circumstances keep or save or do anything with information or data from SupportCALL or any of its clients you may be asked to do work for other than what you have been requested to do.
  • You, or anyone you work for or the company you work for or own may under no circumstances deal in any way directly with the client or attend to work that comes from any of SupportCALL (PTY) LTD. client.
  • If you, or anyone you work for or the company you work for or own has had the relationship with SupportCALL come to an end. You, or anyone you work for or the company you work for or own may in no way contact or do any business with any of the LOCAL TECH's or SupportCALL staff for a minimum time period no shorter than 10 (ten) years. Unless the relationship with SupportCALL is reestablished.
  • ALL work must be assigned via the SupportCALL Ticket System
  • Any and all data or information from SupportCALL or any of its clients you may be asked to do work for must me permanently deleted from any and all your system when leaving the site and completing a call but no later than 3 months after the original call.
  • All work will be done in a professional manner.
  • All contact with the end-user will be in a professional ( without compromise ), as a representative of SupportCALL.
  • All work needs to be done in the way set out by SupportCALL.
  • All work needs to be done as requested by the client.
  • Detailed records and reports need to be kept and entered on the report back to SupportCALL.
  • When physical work is to be done, before and after photos must be taken and attached to the report on the Ticket System.
  • All photos must be clear and clearly show the subject and area in question.
  • Tickets need to be updated ASAP.
  • To do all work on behalf of SupportCALL and as a local agent representative of SupportCALL.
  • You also agree to handle all jobs as a professional and as speedily as possible without compromise on delivering exceptional service.
  • Doing the work the client needs, the way set out by SupportCALL.
  • Keeping a detailed record of what was found on arrival, all steps taken to troubleshoot and what was the resolve. Then to update the ticket system with this information and all photos before starting work and after they resolve.
  • Also, confirm with clients head office of resolve.


The careful notice needs to be taken off the PRIORITY LEVEL every time on the login of all tickets. You should be notified from the system if the priority level has been changed but you may have missed the notification.

  • Notify the end-user of intended time and date for visit
  • Confirm time
  • Record time of appointment on the TicketSystem
  • If for any reason you can nolonger attend at the arranged time, notify the end-user, update the TicketSystem and also notify SupportCALL
  • If you cant make scheduled time then arrange a new time
  • Notification of being late or unable to attend on a given day needs to be done timeously to avoid client waiting.

Communication is the key to good service.


The parties undertake that any and all information will be kept confidential.

  • any information which either party communicates to the other and which is stated to be or by its nature is intended to be confidential.
  • all other information of the same confidential nature concerning the business of the other party which comes to the knowledge of either party while it is engaged in terms of this agreement, including (without being limited to).
  • details of the other party’s financial structures and operating results.
  • details of the other party’s strategic objectives and planning; and.
  • information relating to the other party’s past, present and future research and development.
  • if either party is uncertain about whether any information is to be treated as confidential in arbitration, it shall be obliged to treat it as such until written clearance is obtained from the other party.
  • Each party undertakes not to disclose any information, which is to be kept confidential in arbitration, nor to use such information for its own or anyone else’s benefit.
  • Notwithstanding the provisions of arbitration, either party shall be entitled to disclose any information to be kept confidential if and to the extent only that the disclosure is bona fide and necessary for the purposes of carrying out its duties.
  • Subject to the provisions of the Act, the obligation of confidentiality placed on either party in the arbitration, shall cease to apply to such party in respect of any information, which ceases to be secret and confidential through no fault of such party.
  • Each party shall give up all papers, correspondence, records, copies and other documents of every kind concerning or containing any reference to the other’s business on the expiration or termination for any other reason of this agreement.

POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act)

  • As a subcontractor, associate with or affiliate of SupportCALL (PTY)LTD. you or the company that you own or represent may in no way, shape or form keep or make use of any information other than for the sole use of completing tasks as requested by SupportCALL and its clients and that you or the company that you own or represent would always comply with the act and also never keep, use or distribute.
  • other than in accordance with the act and requests from SupportCALL and its clients with notification to SupportCALL (PTY) LTD.


  • Any and all disputes will remain between SupportCALL (PTY) LTD. and the service provider only.
  • In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the parties relating to or arising out of this agreement, including the implementation, execution, interpretation, rectification, termination or cancellation of this agreement, the dispute shall in the first instance be referred to the parties senior executives for resolution. In the event of the dispute not having been resolved within 7 (seven) days of the date of such referral (or such longer period as the parties senior executive may agree in writing)
  • Each of the parties hereby irrevocably agrees that the decision of the arbitrator in the arbitration proceedings –
  • shall be final and binding on each of them; and
  • will be carried into effect; and
  • be made an order of any court to whose jurisdiction the parties are subject; and
  • the arbitrator shall be entitled to investigate or cause to be investigated any matter, fact or thing which he considers necessary or desirable in connection with any matter referred to him for decision; and
  • the law governing this Agreement shall be South African law, and the Court having jurisdiction to enforce any award made under this clause shall be the appropriate division of the High Court of South Africa, which has jurisdiction over the party against whom the award is being enforced.


  • “ALL” work regardless should come via instruction from SupportCALL or our clients HQ contact and should normally be noted on the ticket by the instructing person or company.
  • remember, the end-user would want everything (top of the range printers, computers, 5x monitors…), but our client HQ has budgets, set ways they want their network and most important, our instructions and the payment of our account comes from our clients HQ. So what HQ says rather than end-user.
  • We do relay end-user requests and issues to our clients HQ via the Ticket System and the decision or resolve action (if any) does come from instruction from our clients HQ, not the end-user.
  • this said, we must always do our utmost best to keep the end-user happy because people find it easier to report negative things rather than positive, remember if the end-user is happy they work harder and deliver better work for our client.


Please remember…

  • Take a little extra time and do it properly.
  • Do it properly the first time.
  • Customer service.
  • Only do work you have been instructed to do via the ticket system, SupportCALL or the clients HQ ( in writing on ticket )
  • Always use the [ Post Internal Note ] to update tickets.
  • Use the XnConvert program to half the image and save as .jpg before emailing to SupportCALL or adding to ticket system ( )
  • Request the xnconvert config file (right-click “save as”)
  • Be on time or inform SupportCALL and the client.
  • ALWAYS, take photos BEFORE & AFTER ( cover your ass and ours )

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